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Vice Mayor of Ningbo Visited Ningshing
On October 30th, Mr. Zhu Huan, member of the Party Group and Vice Mayor of Ningbo Municipal Government, Mr. Hu Jie, Party Secretary and Director of Civil Affairs Bureau, Ms. Chen Haiying, Vice President of the Municipal Charity Federation, and the heads of relevant departments visited Ningshing Holdings. The purpose of the visit was to learn about the company's development and listen to the company's charity report. Mr. Wu Yigang, Chairman of Ningshing, Ms. Gao Ping, Vice Chairman and Party Secretary and other relevant representatives from Ningshing headquarter participated in the meeting.Chairman Wu welcomed the arrival of Vice Mayor Zhu and his colleagues, and thanked the municipal party committee and government for persistent concern and support over the years. Vice Chairman Gao briefly introduced the basic situation and operating characteristics of the company, focusing on the unremitting charity practice for many years.Vice Mayor Zhu fully affirmed Ningshing's innovation and breakthrough over the years, and highly recognized its diversified and professional development, as well as the positive corporate culture and strong sense of social responsibility. He hoped that Ningshing would continue to make new contributions to economic development and charity in Ningbo. At the meeting, he put forward three requirements to strengthen the charity work in Ningbo, which were: the government and the Charity Federation should intensify their efforts to promote the development of charity in Ningbo, enterprises should play the main role in charity, and the society should jointly form a good social atmosphere. These three forces should work together to push Ningbo’s charity work to a new level.
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